Sunday, January 30, 2011

need a new phone

So this is my crappy phone (well THIS one specifically is not mine) I have had this thing from around the time that they came out. I have wanted a new phone for a long time but have simply been unable to afford it. I enjoyed the ability to customize this phone so much but overall it just operated like crap. So I come to you guys asking what would be a fairly good cheap phone from the sprint network. Please leave comments with some answers!

Just Getting Started

Hey guys, just thought I would write out a short message letting people know kind of what I would be doing in this blog. As the title of my blog explains it basically just going to be completely random crap posted here. Whatever I am currently thinking or doing or whatever will more than likely find its way onto my blog. Anyways, hopefully you will follow me and leave some comments and I'll get back to you if you do!